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Dimitris Yeros was born in Greece in 1948.

He has had 46 individual exhibitions of his work held in Greece and abroad: in Köln, Düsseldorf, New York, Kassel, Oxford (Oxford University), Darmstadt, Indiana-USA (Ball State Art Gallery), Heidelberg, Nicosia, Strasburg-France, Bochum (The Bochum Museum), Berlin, Wuppertal, Mannheim, etc.

In April 2000 the "Centro Cultural Recoleta" of Buenos Aires will stage a major exhibition of his paintings.

He has participated in numerous international group exhibitions, Biennales and Triennales around the world.

He has designed sets and costumes for both theatrical and cinema productions.

In 1977 he produced an autobiographical color movie entitled "Yeros by Yeros". In 1984 the Greek Minister of Culture released a film on his work.

In 1981 he designed a set of medallions cut in silver and gold under the general title "The Four Elements of Nature". One such series is exhibited at the British Museum in London together with other medallions by Yeros. In 1990 he created silver microsculptures for Vourakis Jewelers inspired by the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

A book of his art titled "Yeros" has been published in 1984 by Forkys Publications with text by Yannis Patilis. Another book-catalogue of his work was published by the Bochum Museum on the event of his retrospective there in 1986. In 1997 the Prefecture of Biotia published a 136-page book entitled "D.Yeros" with an introduction to the artist's work by Professor and Academician Chrysanthos Christou. In 1998 was published by Planodion Publications his book "Theory of the Nude" with an introduction by the Director of Ruppertinum Pr. Peter Weicrinair. In 1999 was published by Phyllo Publications his book "Periorasis" with foreword by the author Michel Deon and introduction by the Director of the Centre Regional de la Photographie-France Pierre Devin. At present he is working on another book with photographs from the island of Lesbos.

Many of his graphics have been published by leading art editors. He has illustrated books and magazines.

In 1987 UNICEF chose his work "The Dangers of Curiosity" to print on its cards for international circulation.

Works by Dimitris Yeros are to be found in many private collections, national galleries and museums both in Greece and abroad.

For many years he collaborate with the Schoeller Gallery of Dysseldorf and recently with the Earl McGrath in New York and Athens Art Gallery in Athens and for the promotion of his photographs with the Throckmorton Fine Arts in New York, L.A. Galerie in Frankfurt, and Vance Martin Fine Arts in San Francisco.