EVA MELA, Artist

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Eva Mela was born in Athens, Greece, in 1956.



1974-1980: studied Engraving Arts at the High School of Fine Arts of Greece, under the Teachers Lefteris Kanakakis and Kostas Grammatopoulos.

1979-1981: studied Book’ s Art, at the High School of Fine Arts, under Yiannis Papadakis.

1981-1982: studied Drawing and Painting at the National High School of Fine Arts in Paris, by the chance of a scholarship in Bookbinding Arts.

1985-1988: followed a Scholarship for Engraving Arts, by the State Foundation for Scholarships of Greece.

For three years, she studied Engraving Arts and Book’s Art, beside Giorgis Varlamos.



1984: she wins the one of the two First Prizes at the Competition of the Greek Post, on the theme  ‘’Athens, 150 years as a Capital ‘’.

1990: she wins the Prize for designing the Book with theme ‘’Hymn to Freedom’’ poem of Dionisios Solomos (the National Hymn of Greece), at the Competition by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

2000: she wins the prize 2000 from the “‘Greek children’ s Books Circle’’ for the Illustrations of ‘‘One Goldfinch’s Adventure’’, written by Georgia Anesini-Leraki.

2000: she wins the ’’State Prize 2000 for Children’s Books Illustrations’’ from the Greek Ministry of Culture for the Illustrations of ‘‘One Goldfinch’s Adventure’’, written by Georgia Anesini-Leraki.



1985: ‘’Adinor" Gallery, Athens.

1986; ‘’Chrisothemis‘’ Gallery, Chalandri

1991; ‘’Maria Papadopoulos Exhibition Hall’’, Athens

1992; ‘’Europakademie Weissenfels’’, Germany

1995; ‘’Books’ Art’’ at the exhibition hall of the Graduated Artists of Greece,  Plaka, Athens

1996; ‘’Terracotta’ Gallery, Thessalonica

1997; ‘’Amimoni" Gallery, Ioannina

1998; ‘’Exhibition Hall of Nafplion’’, Nafplion.

1998; ‘’Chrisothemis‘’ Gallery, Chalandri

1999; ‘’Lavirinthos’’ Gallery, Katerini

2001, ‘’Maria Platania’’ Gallery, Zakynthos

2002, ‘’Ekfrasi" Gianna Grammatopoulou, Athens

2002, ‘’Polyedro’’, Patra



1984; Triennalle ‘’INTERGRAFIK 84’’, East Berlin, Germany

1985; ‘’ Triennial of Realistic Art’’, Sofia, Bulgaria

1987 ‘’Contemporary Greek Paintings’’ Sofia, Bulgaria

1988; ‘’Greek Days in East Berlin’’, With the Pan Hellenic Cultural Movement, East Berlin, DDR

1988; ‘’The Greek Engraving Arts after the 2nd World War’’, National Art Gallery Athens

1988; ‘’Le Génie de la Bastille’’, Paris, France

1988; "Mediterranean Graphic Art’s Biennale", Mirabello, Crete

1988; ‘’Contemporary Greek Graphic Arts", Warsaw, Poland

1989; ‘’Biennale of Engraving Arts’’, Juliana, Yugoslavia

1989; ‘’Biennale of Engraving Arts", Varna, Bulgaria

1989; International Book’s Art Exhibition, Leipzig, Germany

1989; ‘’Contemporary Greek Graphic Arts", Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1990; Triennale "INTERGRAFIK 90", Berlin, Germanny

1992. “Contemporary Greek Graphic Arts”, Bratislava, Tchechoslovakia

1994; "Biennale of Graphic Arts", Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1995; Exhibition of European Posters for Bosnia’’, Angeres Library, France

1999; "For the Yugoslavian Children", with the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece Athens,’’ Kostis Palamas Exhibition Hall’’

1999; With ‘’Chrisothemis’’ Gallery at the Contemporary Art Fair ‘’ART ATHINA 7’99’’. 

2000; ‘’Athina-Istanbul, Face to Face", with the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Istanbul, Turkey

2000; With "Chrisothemis" Gallery at the Contemporary Art Fair "ART ATHINA 8’ 2000”.

2000: "International Art Studio Radovan Trnavac Mica", Valievo, Yugoslavia.

2000: Gallery ULUS, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, organised by the Union of Serbian Artists.

2000: Triennial of Greek Engraving Arts, organised by the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Glyfada.

She has also participated many group exhibitions in Greece, with movements, with groups, with the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, exhibitions for Peace, etc.

She Illustrates Books for Children, she designs books and she has participated in many exhibitions with the ‘Greek Illustrators’ Society "AESOPOS".



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