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Financial Services

Please notice that the above videos are included here as information about the industry. There is no affiliation between our firm and the personalities and companies shown above.

“A Growing, Shifting Sector

Market estimates project that by the end of 2021, the financial services market is likely to reach $22.5 trillion, growing at a rate of 9.9% from the previous year. This is lower than previous projections, due to the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. With global GDP expected to reach $93 trillion in the same year, that would mean that financial services comprise about 24% of the world's economy.”

Investopedia, Sept 30, 2021

2021: 22,5

trillion USD

EURAN Projects, artworks(soon), products and services proposed to the financial services industry: EURAN Art consulting, EURAN yachts art architecture and design, EURAN Art Calendars 2022, EURAN NFTs & art.


Movies / “The wolf of Wall Street”, with, in the main role, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio