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EURAN Projects


An exciting new initiative is being launched as part of our new activities resulting from the re-actualization of the original plans we produced at the time of our company's creation. It is geared toward the yacht industry, with a special emphasis on superyachts and megayachts. The purpose of this online presentation is to highlight some of the best creative professionals from various fields of creativity, such as architects, interior designers, industrial designers, artists, shipyards and brokers. In addition, we aim to establish, eventually, a long-term, connected and collaborative relationship with them so that our company is able to provide customer demand for global, innovative, and original solutions in an original way. Eventually, we hope to achieve synergy between the participants in this project and ourselves to provide a product that is even more structured and complete than the existing ones.

EURAN, European Art Networks AB, 27/10/2021

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