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“…culture has an intrinsic value, is an essential component for human development and plays an essential role in fostering the resilience and the regeneration of our economies and our societies heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Culture is the foundation for re-launching prosperity, social cohesion and the well-being of people and communities…


... cultural and creative sectors represent important economic drivers in their own right and are a significant source of jobs and income; and…they generate important spillovers to the wider economy, being drivers of innovation and sources of creative skills, leveraging growth in other policy areas…


Rome declaration of the G20 ministers of culture, Rome, 30 July 2021



We would like to share with you a new project we are launching today concerning the relation between the cultural and creative industries and the other sectors of the economy.

We kindly invite you to review it briefly and, in case you are interested, to inform us accordingly as soon as it is convenient for you.  

Euran industries

In several industrial sectors, culture and creativity are important elements, on which the best industries place a special emphasis, invest heavily, in order to make products more appealing to the public, benefit society, and ultimately boost their profits and turnover.

We wish to address to those industries for this project. Indeed, a number of industry leaders from sectors like the cruise, yacht, hotel, construction, and aerospace industries will be invited to participate in it. Services will be provided as follows:
1. Examine the relationship of each industry and the participant industrialist(s) with culture and creators.
2. Review its current and future operations in what concerns the relation with culture and creation.
3. Advise the industrialist(s) about how to enhance and extend that relation.
4. Assist the industrialist at the presentation to the public of that project in a way to give the opportunity to a large international audience to benefit from it.  

Thank you.

EURAN, European Art Networks AB, Autumn 2021

This project was submitted to the European Commission on the 07/10/2021 as a proposal for financing under the Horizon program at the call HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-01-03, with the number 101061754.

Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion.



G20 Culture Ministers’ Meeting Opening Session

EURAN Industries