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Cruise companies: 9 ideas of cooperation in the field of art

EURAN, European Art Networks


EURAN, European Art Networks is a limited company created during 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. From the beginning EURAN started the presentation to the public, via the Internet, of creators, mainly in the fields of painting and sculpture, but also in a smaller scale, of photographers, architects, industrial and fashion designers. In a few years the creators were more than 300. The development of the web site was done directly by our company and all the related costs were covered by us, without any charge for the artists.

EURAN was active originally mainly in Scandinavia, in organizing exhibitions and presenting-selling artworks to companies and public organizations. After the year 2000 we enlarged our activities in other European countries, with special projects in the shipping sector, producing more than 40.000 reproductions of artworks for the decoration of more than 15 big cruise ships.

We decided now to widen the international basis of our clients and to renew and develop our network of creative individuals, and also that of the craftsmen and industry and technology companies working with their creations. In this framework, we planned a series of activities that we describe in this document. Please, select the ones that interest you in priority and inform us about as soon as possible, at the email that we give at the end of this document.

We would like to note here that, because of the distance (our company is based in Stockholm) and the nature of our work (we move very often in different countries), EURAN remains in constant communication with our partners and customers in the following ways: telephone, Skype, e-mail or meetings, depending on the size and needs of each project. In advance, thank you very much.

Best regards.

EURAN, European Art Networks AB
Stockholm, Sweden

1   Direct sales of existing artworks to Cruise companies

EURAN shows and sells artworks directly to international Cruise companies, for new ships or renovations of existing.

EURAN communicates with the owner, Cruise company management, partner architect or interior designer, and discusses using at first the architectural drawings for the needs in artwork of the interiors and exteriors of the Cruise company.

After that, we proceed with the selection of artists who would fit to the particular project. For selecting existing works of art we use in priority the artists that we present on our web sites, but also, if necessary, we investigate to the wider art market (other artists through art galleries, periodic art exhibitions, auctions, other web sites).

2    Sales of works of art, in the Cruise ship’s boutiques to the Cruise company’s clients

If the Cruise company wishes, for marketing purposes and with the desire to increase its sales, in consultation with EURAN, the Cruise company presents and sells to its customers, in a way that is well understood by them, in a space and in a manner decided jointly, selected artworks.

3    Electronic sales of artworks, from the Cruise companies’ web page, to their clients

For marketing purposes, and with the desire to increase sales, the Cruise company, in consultation with EURAN, presents and sells to its guests, selected artworks, in its web site, or connects its web site with EURAN’s web stores.

4    Art for special projects, related to new ship, extension or renovation of Cruise ships

EURAN communicates with the Cruise company’s management, its partners architects and interior designers, and discusses, using initially the related architectural plans, about the needs in artworks of the Cruise ships’ interior and exterior spaces.

After this, we proceed along, finding artists that would fit for this project. For their choice, we use primarily artists that EURAN presents on the internet, but also, if necessary, we investigate the wider art market (other artists through art galleries, periodic art exhibitions, other sites on the internet ).

Once the selection of the artists is done, we define together with the Cruise company’s management or its advisors, the way of their intervention, and our company undertakes to monitor and advise them, to create and deliver, on time, the planned artworks. If, after that, a series of reproductions is needed, for the public spaces or the cabins, EURAN undertakes the task to produce them, deliver them to the Cruise and advice about their installation.

5  Sale of reproduction rights for the marking and the stationery of the Cruise

The main commercial relevance of art is the object alone. In extension, however, the image of the object has, also, a value that can be functionally interesting. Working with the web and reproductions of art, we are particularly well placed to exploit this additional creative potential on behalf and for the benefit of our customers.

EURAN sells to the Cruise companies, reproductive rights, of a selection of artworks that exist or are created on commission by artists. This takes place on an exclusive or non exclusive basis at local and international level. EURAN comes, for this, in agreement directly with artists or with copyright organizations and other representatives of artists.
The artists remain the owners of the copyrights of their art, unless otherwise decided at a special joint agreement.

6  Art products and corporate gifts created by EURAN for Cruise companies

The original works of art are often used to create derivative products for sale to the public or to companies as corporate gifts, such as silkscreen prints and posters, digital reproductions on paper or other materials, and utilitarian objects.

EURAN, acting directly as a publisher, suggests possibilities to use the work of selected artists in craft, industrial and technological applications, on behalf of the Cruise companies in local and international level.

EURAN also, indirectly, acting as advisor to the client, studies, in collaboration with the management of the Cruise companies, all potential use of the work of selected artists in craft, industrial and technological applications, on behalf of the Cruise companies at local and international level.

EURAN communicates with artists on projects that could be interesting for them. The artists, once they agree, provide to EURAN the necessary artwork or create new or make any other kind of creative work, in order for our company to be able to carry out its plans.

7     Public relations and presence in the media in relation with artists of our networks

EURAN proposes to the Cruise company’s managers, after a thorough study and cooperation with them and, possibly their advisors in advertising and marketing, collaborations with artists of its network, which can contribute to create or keep a positive public image of the Cruise company, such as exhibitions, events, interviews and presentations to the Cruise company customers, the public in general and the media.

EURAN owns the rights of the presentation of artists in the media that organizes itself, and shares the revenue of that presentation, if any, with the artists and, eventually, with the Cruise company company

8    Art TV programs and channel for Cruise companies
EURAN will soon create a list of television programs and video art, which can be incorporated into existing Cruise TV channels, or create a new television channel specifically for Cruise companies. This service could be related to our web stores.

9    Network of expert Artists
Often, artists, apart from creating their artworks, develop other qualifications or experience in matters relating activities associated with art in general (for example, organizing reports, speeches at conferences, specializing in certain artistic techniques etc).

The artists inform us about the specific qualification that they have acquired. EURAN offers this specialization to the Cruise companies that are its customers, depending on their needs, in cooperation, where appropriate, with other consultants in communication and advertising. EURAN and the artists are rewarded separately for each case.

EURAN, European Art Networks

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