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“The insatiable appetite for home buying last year saw the world’s real estate assets - the most significant store of wealth globally - jump 5% in value to a record high in 2020, according to a report Wednesday from Savills.

Last year’s price appreciation left the total volume of global real estate assets at $326.5 trillion, a figure that’s more than all global equities and debt securities combined, and worth almost four times that of global GDP,  the estate agency said.”





Real Estate

325,5 trillion USD, 2020

Above are some interesting examples of big projects currently underway in Cyprus.

Please notice that no association between us and these projects exists presently.

EURAN Projects, artworks (soon), products and services proposed to the real estate industry:

EURAN Industries, EURAN virtual cruises, EURAN Art consulting, EURAN Art Calendars 2022


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