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EURAN Projects


We wish to find the best way to unite the various actors of the cultural and creative industries and sectors (the institutions, the companies and the individuals) and their public (public, customers, interested persons), make them accessible via a common platform and establish channels of permanent communication between them. This platform could become permanent in the future, but initially can take the form of a series of punctual operations called “virtual cruises”. In those operations we will assemble a certain number of partners and create with them a “virtual cruise”: we will arrange on the calendar a series of presentations of those partners who will have the possibility to speak about their ongoing projects and other questions of actuality in their sector of activity. For example a museum or an art gallery can present a temporary exhibition that takes place in the moment of the virtual cruise or that will take place in the future; it can also speak about permanent collections, analysis of an artwork etc. An architect can present his company, an important project past, present or future. An artist can show his/her studio, and his/her artworks. A company active in design (textile, fashion, furniture, car) can have similar presentations. A company in the space industry can present their futuristic projects. Our wish is to give a global perspective of the cultural and creative industry and sector to the public, in order for them to conceive better their importance, understand their interconnection and their impact into everybody everyday activities. Those virtual cruises will be organized in relation to the seasons and the events taking place globally.

As a preview of our virtual cruises you are welcome to visit our EURAN, European Art Networks Culture Channel - playlist on YouTube.

Thank you.  

EURAN, European Art Networks AB, Autumn 2021


This project was submitted to the European Commission on the 07/10/2021 as a proposal for financing under the Horizon program at the call HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-01-04, with the number 101061757.

Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion.




The above videos are presented as examples. We are not presently related to the above institutions, companies and personalities.


EURAN Virtual cruises