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EURAN Projects

Our virtual cruises can be connected to real cruises, in cooperation with partner cruise companies, in two ways which can run distinctively in parallel:

1. The cruise organizers can add in their program visits to our partners who might be present at the ports where the cruise ships go.  

2. They can also connect to each-other. The participants in the virtual cruises can meet in certain moments, those in the real cruises. Indeed, the participants in the virtual cruises can visit virtually the cruise ships and eventually take part in some of their activities, and those of the real cruises can take part in some activities of the virtual cruises with their own electronic equipment or the equipment of the vessels.

EURAN Virtual to Physical cruises

Virtual and physical connection


Movies / Star Treck Discovery / Beam us Up!

Movies / Star Treck Discovery / Philippa Georgiou Breaking Holograms