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Artist Painter



Maria Papafili was born in Corinth, Greece.

1979-1987: Studied painting at the Superior Fine Art School of Athens with teachers Y. Moralis, D. Mytaras and M. Lambraki-Plaka at the Arts History; fresco and Art of Portable Icons with professor G. Xynopoulos and mosaic with I. Kolefas; received her Diploma with note “excellent”. Scholarships of the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) during her studies.

1985-1991. Scholarship of the Vikatos Foundation at the Superior Fine Art School of Athens for studies in Paris, France.

1985 -1989 : Studied painting at the Ecole Nationale Supèrieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris with teacher Vladimir Velickovik.

1985-1989: Studied at the "Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts-Decoratifs de Paris" (ENSAD), section of Art-Space. Diploma with note “very good”.

1988-1993: Post degree Diploma of Advanced Research (D.E.A.) in Philosophy and History of Art at the University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris, France.

1995: Scholarship of the Gallery Bosh (Athens, Greece) for studies in Germany.



1991  Cultural Centre "Ora", Athens, Greece

1993  Art Gallery «Amimoni», Ioannina, Greece

1994  Art Gallery «Ekfrasi», Athens, Greece

1995  Bosch Gallery, Athens, Greece  

1996  Gallery K, London. Anny Balta Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

1998  Argo Gallery, Athens, Greece

2001  Stockholm Art Fair, with EURAN, European Art Networks, Stockholm, Sweden  

2002  Gallery Replay, Mykonos, Greece

2005 Art Gallery "Ekfrasi", Athens, Greece

2006 Art Gallery "Chrysa", Katerini, Greece

2014 Art Gallery "Emmanouil Roidis" Hermoupolis, Syros island, Greece

2019/03-04 Art Gallery Argo, Athens, Greece



1985 Exhibition of students, Superior Fine Art School of Athens.

1986 Polychronopoulos Museum, Culture Centre of Paleon Faliron.

1987 Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

1988 Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Cité des Arts, Paris. Centre Culturel, Amiens. Centre Culturel, Rheims.

1989 Exhibition of mosaic at the Cultural Centre of the Athens Town hall, at the memory of I. Kolefas.

1990 Centre Culturel, Tours. Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Atelier Vladimir Velichovic. «For a new humanism», exhibition organized by Mrs. Lambraki-Plaka at the Art Center of Ville juif, Paris.

1991 Cité des Arts, Paris.

1992 Art Gallery "Ora", "Homage", Athens.

1993 V. Frysiras collection, Municipal Pinachoteque of Rhodes island, Greece. - Art and concert hall Hydra island Greece.

Byzantine museum, Zakynthos island, Greece. Exhibition about the mass media, Conference Hall Zapeion, Athens.

1994 Le Triomphe du Trompe-l'oeil, Grand Palais, Paris. «Positions-Counter-positions», Citybank, Athens.

1995 National Art Hall, Athens. «Homage to El Greco». National Art Hall, Athens. New acquisitions for the Art Gallery collection.

1996 «Homage to Periklis Pantazis». – Averoff Art Gallery, Metsovo. Vafopoulos museum, Thessaloniki.

1997 Pierides Pinacothèque, Adel Saatchi & Saatchi «Our first fifties»: represents the company Chipita.

1998 «Saronikos», Periplanisi Art Gallery, Glyfada, Athens.

1999 Anny Balta Gallery, Thessaloniki. «Form in space».

2000 Polyedro, Patras. «The Olive». Gallery «Argo» partners, Athens.

2000 cans (Painting, Sculpture, Multimedia). Sponsor: Bazaar Discount Super Markets, Athens.

2002 Gallery Anny Balta Thessaloniki "Painted impressions".

2003 Gallery Anny Balta Thessaloniki. Gallery Argo, Athens. Gallery Ekfrasi, Athens. Gallery Argo, Athens.

2004 Gallery Argo, Athens, exhibition during the Olympic Games of Athens.

2019/05 Art Gallery Argo, Athens, Greece.

2019/09 "Art Athina 2019" Athens Art Fair with the Art Gallery Argo.

2020/01-04: B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation, Athens, presentation of a work by the National Gallery in the exhibition "The Human Form in Greek Painting 20th Century".

2020/10: Art Athina 2020 Virtual Athens Art Fair with the Argo Art Gallery, on the Internet and in the gallery.


Her art is part of the collections of the Athens National Gallery, of the Averof Art Hall in Metsovo, Greece and many other private collections in Greece and other countries.

Maria Papafili

Above, videos produced by EURAN, European Art Networks to present artworks by Mrs. Maria Papafili.